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Madefire is the brainchild of marketing genius Ben Wolstenholme, founder of Moving Brands, long established comics artist Liam Sharp and Mobile Technology/Cloud Computing Guru Eugene Walden.It features some of the most well known and talented comics creators of both recent and legendary status with features that run from superhero to noir.Luong Gary and Lou Mc Clelland Michael Mone Nestor Nicholas Jerry and Jenny Noonan Jerry and Fay Noonan Andrew Pasquina Jeff and Mary Peart Fred and Joanne Peterson Michael and Kirsten (Bolten) Phalen Susan and John Quinn Steve Rodd and Janie Chobot Michael Rodier Ronald and Mary Skates Harry and Agnes Slade William Van Faasen Paul J.Wexler Sharon Whitson Citizen Jurors (up to 9) Geraldine M.The future of comics is a precarious place, as print is still alive and well and should be for awhile, the digital format is making great leaps and bounds.

Amrein and Karen Donelan Elizabeth “Tucker” Averill (deceased) Norm and Connie Becker John and Helen Bethell Hugh Bethell David and Linda Crosby Sarah Gannett Estill Caudill, M. (deceased) Philip and Eve Cutter Ben and Lummy Gannett Keith and Elisabeth (De Laforcade) Goggin Paul and Lauren Gudonis James and Anne Hemmings Nancy Hopkins Michael and Susan Kramer Zach Leber The Evander Lewis Family Foundation John Mc Near Michaels & Ward, LLP Tom and Anne Walker Citizen Judges (0-9) Sam and Cornelia Adams Tom and Sandy Andrews ASD Foundation Nancy Taylor August Tom Averill and Jeffrey Ann Goudie David and Michelle Baer Stephanie and Henri Bichet Jay and Kathleen Bothwick Whitney A.

Even before Marvel started doing their motion comics, companies like Bryon Preiss Multimedia were playing with the idea of combining sound and motion in comics and during its existence Crossgen also worked on it, but the new tablet/mobile format, as well as advances in technology has pushed things to another level altogether.

Two new companies are at the forefront of the movement, MADEFIRE and NARR8 and currently both are offering their applications, as well as their associated books for free.

(Updated March 10, 2017) Total Donations: 0,684 Donors to Date: Founders (,000 ) Dan and Hilda Daley Demakes Enterprises Inc./Old Neighborhood Foods The Goldhirsh Foundation The Gerondelis Foundation The Bernard M.

Gordon Foundation John and Gail Graham Dallas Perkins and Sherry Hall, Harvard Debate Robert Hopkins, Jr.

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