Carey mulligan dating history

She performed as lead female vocal on Belle & Sebastian's song co-star Shia La Beouf, Jake Gyllenhaal and Eddie Redmayne.

Carey is now a happily married woman, after tying the knot with Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford in April 2012.

When Carey was still at school, she went to see the thespian play Henry V and was so inspired she wrote asking him to be her mentor.We’re here to say it, while it’s not original at all, we hate Valentine’s Day.[Insert quote about holiday made by candy companies here].But if we’re going to be #real here, mostly, Valentine’s Day (depending on how emo we’re feeling), can stir up feelings about our romantic pasts—former flames and flings, unrequited loves and those out of reach crushes we’ve long lusted after.Since we’re petty, it makes us feel a bit better knowing that sometimes celebrities really are just like us—not in that they have our meager pay grades or non Godiva chocolate boxes—but in that they have weird af romantic pasts too.

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