Dating someone from another country online

We aren't dating now but getting to know each other.

Being that we are so far apart all we have to communicate is Facebook. Also just hypothetically speaking if he were to come to the US how hard would it be for him to find a job?

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Long-distance relationships that cross international borders bring with them a specific set of challenges.

I have a mental list of the perfect guy and he was everything on that list. I was just wondering if anyone has had relationships with anyone in another country and how did it end up?

I have never met any guy who was everything that I wanted. I have a lot of family who has married from this country and are still happily married.

I have learned so much about England from living with Lee, from the little details of how to make a proper cup of tea to the bigger societal attitudes and culture.

Like a fish is not aware of the water that it swims in, your own culture is so normal to you that you don’t even notice the little quirks of it.

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    Nothing turns girls off more than under-confident desperation. So while flirting with a girl, don’t be the oh-so-caring I’ll-do-anything-for-you-including-daily-chores man-in-waiting of hers – that can wait for life after marriage.

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    I use this service for several months and sometimes there were some site failures. I want to say the whole world that I'm happy and I love him with all my heart!!!

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