Funny dating deal breakers

3) Number 1 Conversation Deal Breaker: Mentioning upcoming dates One would think this is pretty obvious but a large amount of people experience their date speaking about upcoming dates they’ve set up.

Naturally hearing about your other dates is hugely off-putting for the person who is currently on a date with you so don’t mention them!

I think I’m still scarred.”“If I see a fucking sweet potato in her house.

Part of dating is getting to know someone, and the more you get to know a person, the more or less you like them based off what you learn.

”“If she insults my car it's like, okay, next. But, it's like I gotta drive what I can drive and you insulting it isn’t cool!

”“Whenever a girl says, ‘I can’t wait to get married and have kids.’ I have so much life left to live, it really freaks me out when a girl and I clearly won’t be on the same life-paths.”“The instant ‘we’re done’ thing is when I see a girl who doesn’t take care of her toe-nails. ”“If he trash talks his mom I’m immediately over it.

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For some of these men, the deal breaker can be small -- that moment when you're checking him out, and all is going well until you scroll down to see that one off-putting thing and it's click, on to the next. • Clown masks, or equally freaky and elaborate Halloween costumes. The Frisky: Online dating dos and don'ts • Misleading subject lines like, "We made plans and you never showed," which he then admits in the body of the e-mail was a ploy to get you to open the letter and not delete it. And last but not least I work a full time job at Burger king (yeah yeah I know, but I am living just fine for now lol).

While we all know talking about your ex, being rude and sitting on your phone the whole time are dating no-nos, some seemingly innocent acts may be preventing you from getting a second date!

A new Elite Singles study of 1300 Americans looked into the ins and outs of first date deal breakers and discovered the top 10 first date faux-pas – take note!

That woman gave you life, calling her a ‘bitch’ just makes you look petty.”“If he still watches cartoons I’m not into it.”“If a girl has a cat I just can’t do it. And I’ve had to leave a lot of great girls because they were obsessed with those rude little fucks.”“If he has a hairy back it’s immediately done.

You can get that waxed till the sun sets, but i’ll still know what was there.”“If a guy won’t meet my friends until we’re “official” like damn i’m just asking you to hang out not marry me.”“If a girl doesn't baby me when I’m sick it's usually a sign things aren’t going to work out. ”“If she calls one of my friends ‘cute’ I immediately assume she’s gonna try and fuck him.

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